Instruction Manuals

"The Gen" Automatic Movement

  • Automatic (mechanical) movements are driven by a steel mainspring that needs to be periodically rewound. When you wear the watch, your wrist and arm movements will wind up the movement, and it will operate and tell the time. 
  • Automatic watches must be given an initial wind of 1-15 turns or up to the maximum wind (anti-clockwise) of the winding crown on a daily basis before wearing to get them started.
  • Then set the necessary time (clockwise) by pulling the winding stem out one notch.
  • Once your automatic watch is fully wind, it will have a power-reserve to keep the watch operating and tell the time. If your watch has not been worn for hours, you are required to manually wind the watch again to ensure necessary power-reserve.
  • Depending on different watches, the amount of power stored is in the range of 5 to 36 hours.
  • Break in to soften the strap. Grasp the strap on one side of the watch and curve it back and forth (repeat this motion for 5-10 minutes) to soften the leather so that it would fit comfortably around your wrist. The more frequent you wear your watch, it will soften up over time and make it more flexible.