Our Story


 - How it All Began -

What you see before you now, is through
years of passion, ambition, and inspiration.
The most important element in a watch
is how it makes you feel physically,
and emotionally when wearing it.
We believe everyone has
their own preference when
choosing a watch, and it is our duty
to showcase our innovative, well-made
products to the world.
With so many watches out there
before Choose CJ, there has
never been a more obvious choice.

- Craftsmanship & Innovation - 

We choose to incorporate elegance in simplicity,
with a design that awakens beauty in every setting.
Every timepiece draws inspiration from
our travels around the world
and is created with a genuine
passion for life’s adventure.
With a sharp vision for innovation,
we present to you a new generation of
watches with a timeless design.


 - Our Community -

Passion is embodied through
our next-level craftsmanship
and we are equally as passionate
about our mission towards the community.
A big thank you to our fans
and fellow watch lovers,
who helped us make a difference
in the lives of many children
around the world. Choose CJ proudly
gives a portion of our income to support
World Vision, a foundation that gives
less fortunate kids hope for a better tomorrow.